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October Update

It is October and throughout this past month, as you can well imagine, we have been busy preparing for the Holiday season. Our scrabble pendant necklaces are handmade and they make for ideal gift choices for those special people in your lives.

What we do is that we either buy or we find the scrabble pieces, then gather the pictures and seal the front of the picture with resin. We top it off with a bail and chain and with the use of a pair of scissors the chain can be resized. Scrabble piece jewellery can be customized and personalized making it easy to imagine the world of fun you can have thinking up ideas, placing requests and knowing the smiles on the faces of your gift recipients will be priceless. A wide range of our scrabble piece jewellery are available online so you can see what we have been up to and how we have taken your needs into account.

Our other products include gift baskets, baby gifts and real nature gifts so ideally there is something for everyone and amid our busy preparation for the holiday season we would like you to know we are adding new items weekly. Also if you have special requests e-mail us at or call us at 520-405-6197.

As the holiday season approaches we are sure you, your loved ones and friends may find lots of scrabble pieces which may pique your interest. To find out more about us and the products we offer, please visit

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